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Uttar Pradesh Man Kills Wife with Electric Shocks

A man, who caught his wife with her lover, allegedly tortured her to death in Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli. The accused Ram Vilas, 38, was arrested on Tuesday for the murder of his 35-year-old wife Mithlesh.

Ram Vilas told the Uttar Pradesh police that he returned home on Monday night and found Mithlesh with a man in an objectionable condition. He then confronted Mithlesh, who identified the man as her lover, Laxmi Shankar, 30.

Enraged over this, Ram Vilas locked Laxmi Shankar in another room and gave electric shocks to Mithlesh. When she became unconscious, he thrashed her with a stick 30-40 times which led to her death, the accused told the police.

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Later he attacked Laxmi Shankar but the latter managed to escape. SHO, Deeh, Jitendra Kumar Singh, said neighbors heard loud cries for help from the home of Ram Vilas and informed the police.

“I went to Ram Vilas’ home and found his wife lying unconscious while Ram Vilas was holding a long wire and a welding rod and was seething with anger,” said a villager who informed the police.

Ram Vilas and Mithlesh had four children, aged four to eight. Ram, who works as a welder, told the police that he would work till late and added “Taking advantage of my absence, Mithlesh had started an affair with Laxmi Shankar.”


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