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Why Is Disha Ravi Arrested and What is ‘This Greta Thunberg’s Toolkit’ ?

Disha Ravi, a 22-year-old activist from Bengaluru, Karnataka recently got arrested after she re-tweeted a toolkit shared by climate campaigner Greta Thunberg. This incident has further instigated the outrage from the activists, opposition leaders and other people on social media.

Disha Ravi Arrested From Bengaluru And Then Flown To Delhi

As per Reports , Disha Ravi was arrested from her home in Bengaluru on Saturday afternoon. A local police officer and her mother were present during the arrest. Furthermore, Ravi’s mother had signed an arrest memo and was in constant touch with their lawyers. But at that time, the Delhi police did not get the permission from a local court to produce her as a legal precedent.

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In the year 2019, the Delhi High Court ruled that the person being arrested must have a “transit remand” after being produced in the nearest magistrate unless the situation demands otherwise.

Reports suggest that Ravi did not have a lawyer when she was produced in the court on the charges of Sedition and Conspiracy and sent to five days police custody. She reportedly was given a stand-in government lawyer. As per the now-legal team of Ravi, she fought for her own case in front of the magistrate.

According to lawyer Rebecca John, the government lawyer failed to ensure proper representation of Ravi in the court. She wrote that she was disappointed by the way the whole situation was conducted on behalf of the duty magistrate. She further said that it was unfair to remand a young woman to five days police custody when she wasn’t represented properly in the first place.

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John further said that the magistrates must follow their remand duties seriously and must follow the Article 22 mandate. She further asked about the examination of the arrest memo and if the magistrate asked (to special cell) about her transfer from Bengaluru to Delhi without a transit remand from Bangalore courts.

The police allege that the Toolkit is being prepared by a Khalistani group and Ravi was a key conspirator in trying to revive the Khalistani groups.

Greta Thunberg Shared The “Toolkit” To Support Farmer’s Protests

Ravi is a graduate from Mount Carmel College and is the first one to be arrested in a case regarding the “Toolkit” to support the farmers protesting against the Farms Laws. The toolkit was shared by the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter. She first shared a link regarding the toolkit and then deleted it. She later shared an updated version of the Toolkit.

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Earlier this month, a case was filed after international celebrities like Rihanna, Amanda Cerny and many others took to Twitter to express their opinions about the farmer’s protests. The Indian government and many other Bollywood celebrities pushed back the tweets and urged the nation to stand in solidarity.

The police have reportedly written to Google and some social media giants to give them access to the ones who share the toolkit to trace the person who wrote it in the first place.

What is Toolkit?

The toolkit is a document that is created to explain any issue. It provides facts and other information regarding everything that can be done to address the issue at large. The toolkit may include petitions or the details about protests and mass movements.

The toolkit that Thunberg shared on her Twitter account was about the Farmer’s Protests in Delhi, India. The toolkit stated that the document had information about the farmers’ protests and had more details about how to support them. It stated that the farmers were being subjected to come under large corporations and other international institutions. Furthermore, this would lead to the institutions making huge profits for themselves and the farmers wouldn’t be self-reliant.

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