Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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“Will bring complete silence for long-term”- Israel as attacks on Gaza take full swing 

Wednesday morning in Gaza could not see the light of the day in literal terms as smoke and fumes from the Israeli airstrikes on the entire Tuesday night had filled the sky. Israel continued its heavy bombardment on the besieged coastal region as it refused to back down even if Hamas would call for a ceasefire.

According to sources, many security and police buildings were bombed by Israeli fighter jets apart from Palestinian armed groups’ sites. The attacks killed a pregnant woman, Reema Telbani, and her unborn child in the Tel al-Hawa neighbourhood after a bomb struck her home.

Since the situation got tense, at least 53 people have died in Gaza, including 14 children and over 300 have suffered injuries, Gaza’s Ministry of Health said.

Israel says that 6 of its people have been killed in the attacks. It said close to 1,500 rockets were launched from Gaza towards Israel. As such, they have increased the reinforcements near the region’s eastern lands.

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Israel claims that they have killed senior members of al-Qassam Brigades and Khan Younis, the latter was close to Hamas’s secret commander Mohammed Deif. Despite Israel’s 5 assassination attacks, Deif managed to survive and remains enveloped in shadows. He is Israel’s most wanted man.

On the other hand, Hamas issued a statement saying that it has fired more than 100 rockets towards Tel Aviv and adjoining regions today morning. A spokesman for al-Quds Brigade said three of its commanders were killed by Israeli air raids in the Gaza Strip on Monday. The martyrs included Sameh Fahim al-Mamluk, Kamal Taiseer Qureiqe’, and Mohammed Yahya Abu Atah.

“We will continue to respond to Israel’s aggressions. We will not back down on our resistance no matter what the price is,” the spokesperson said refusing to suffer the tyrannies of Israel and its forced expulsion from their homes.

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The matter has attracted massive global attention as people over the world have joined in to support Palestine and demand Israel to keep its hands off the nation that it is oppressing.

UK PM Boris Johnson called Palestine and Israel to end the fight. “I am urging Israel and the Palestinians to step back from the brink and for both sides to show restraint. The UK is deeply concerned by the growing violence and civilian casualties and we want to see an urgent de-escalation of tensions,” he tweeted.

However, Israel is in no mood to stop its forceful occupation of the Palestinian land as its defense minister said that there is no particular date when it will end the oppression on Palestinians. He said Israel will continue to bomb the country till “complete silence” is attained.

Speaking from the southern city of Ashkelon, he said, “The IDF [Israeli army] will continue to strike and bring complete silence for the long-term.”

“In Gaza, towers are falling, factories are collapsing, tunnels are being wiped out and commanders are being assassinated.”

When asked about speculations surrounding Hamas’s alleged call for a ceasefire, Israeli army spokesman Jonathan Conricus said, “I don’t think my commanders are aware, or particularly interested,” adding that the attacks on Palestine are likely to be intensified.