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With no lecturers available, Urdu DIET students suffering in silence

District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) Vikarabad – an institution that chiefly formed to produce and promote mentorship skills among aspirants, is running without lecturers especially in the Urdu section thereby killing the very purpose of forming such a coveted academy.

As a result, the students themselves do the responsibility of teachers and are sharing whatever they hands-on over the syllabus.

The institute, which was established in the year 1989 by converting the then Government Teacher Training Centre at district headquarter into District Institute of Education and Training, (DIET) Vikarabad, is solely formed to train and upgrade mentorship skills among the DIET candidates where a two-year course is being offered for the aspirant before being appointed as teachers in various institutions.

The institute carries English, Telugu and Urdu medium sections to train linguistic teachers of all three languages. However, the Urdu medium section was bereft of lecturers as the students were made to attend the classes every day but without any training sessions as no lecturer is available for them to impart training.

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For the strength of over 300 students in both first and second-year streams in the institute, only seven lecturers are presently available to impart training to the candidates. Though there are a total 23 posts of lecturers were sanctioned in the institute, barely seven were filled while the remaining 16 are vacant for years.

Inexplicable is the situation of the Urdu medium section wherein not a single lecturer is available while 6 out of 23 posts have been sanctioned for this particular section. Leave alone the regular lecturers, not even the services of guest lecturers are obtained to impart training to all the 72 candidates who were made to sit bang-a-bonk in the class without the mentor.

Having no lecturers to train them, the Urdu medium students themselves stood up to share their academic experiences by chalking it down over the board one after another.

“We share whatever hands-on we have over the curriculum with each other by standing before the board one after another every day. We do it regularly to keep on sinking with the syllabus. We have no other option but to try this every day hoping that everything will be fine soon, albeit no light emerged at the end of the tunnel so far,” rued Sana Begum, First-year student of the DIET College, Vikarabad.