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Battered with issues, people least take interest in GHMC elections

Battered with issues like coronavirus, incessant rains and devastating flood besides deprived from cash relief, the people in the city are seen completely frivolous as they are showing least enthusiasm in ongoing election hustings while leaders and cadres of different political parties at local level too were seen taking part in campaign with cosmetic sincerity.

It is pertinent to mention here that after coming into existence in April-2007 through a notification issued on 16th April 2007 by the then united Andhra Pradesh Government, this is the third GHMC election in the row that were consecutively held after every four years barring a two years of gap between the first two elections.

For the third GHMC elections in the row a total number of 21 parties are contesting the foray that include BJP, AIMIM, TRS, Congress, AIMIM (Inquilab), TDP, BMP, CPI, CPM, MCPIU, JSP, TJSP, INYJP, AIFB, DBP, IPBP, IND, HINDJP, WPI, MJP and IPC. However, no party enjoyed that much of a support from people to field candidates from all the 150 wards under GHMC dominion.

Though the GHMC has completed the journey of 11 years after its formation, the point of argument remains there that almost all the wards are having similar issues that existed at a point from where the corporation begins its voyage.

Beginning from ration cards the inhabitants are still crying for lack of proper water supply, sewerage lines, stinking colonies with streets filled with overflowing filth, heaps of garbage on roads and habitation, mosquito menace, lack of proper health facilities besides unauthorized constructions, land grabbing, encroachments over government land, nalas and water bodies and not to forgot the exceptional level of corruption in government offices.

“There is an element of plausibility in a trend of dipping polling percentage during every election as a large section of people are openly expressing loss of faith in the democratic process that was full of lacunae and loopholes. Their despondency is palpable as issues like bogus voting, booth capturing, violence and lawlessness   glare on the day of polling thereby catching the headlines of different media houses the same day and the next,” said Kamelakar Jitender, a social activist.