Saturday, March 6, 2021
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BJP wrists all three seats from TRS in Rajendranagar

Much to the surprise of everyone, the BJP for the first time has made a three-seat haul in Rajendranagar circle that is known as a strong bastion of TRS party. Out of five words such as Sulemannagar, Shastripuram, Attapur, Mailardevpally and Rajendranagar, the BJP manage to wrist three seats such a Attapur, Mailardevpally and Rajendranagar from TRS while Sulemannagar and Shastripuram remain stood with AIMIM.

With this the saffron fold has made a curve from Bandlaguda Chandrayangutta to Guddimalkapur via aramghar as it managed to secure a resounding mandate from half of the total 1,82,185 voters in all the three divisions in its favour.

On the day of polling, the three wards such as Mailardevpally, Rajendranagar and Attapur registered polling percentage as 47.05, 49.04 and 48.97 respectively despite only half a number of voters having franchise their right to vote.

Out of total 79579 voters in Mailardevpally, only 37,445 electors have casted their votes. In Rajendranagar there were a total 47,588 registered voters but only 23,338 voters have franchise their right to vote. Similarly, Attapur saw only 27,613 voter turnout as against the total number of 56,392 voters.

BJP won Mailardevpally seat in a close contest wherein the party candidate secured a total 18,074 votes as against 16134 votes pulling in favour of TRS party. In Rajendranagar, the saffron party got 10,828 votes while TRS got 8,436 votes in its favour. Similarly, the BJP secured a total 13,479 votes only to defeat TRS that got a total 11,395 votes.  The result in other two wards such as Sulemannagar and Shastripuram was gone fully infavour of AIMIM. While the party registered a victory in Sulemannagar by securing 16,723 votes the TRS got only 3761 votes. In Shastripuram, MIM got a whopping 13,676 votes while TRS managed to get only 3057 votes.

The percentage of voting, that was supposed to be turned into TRS bucket, has actually dropped in BJPs pocket as the ruling party leaders were in a superiority complex that they would easily mark a rousing victory this time too after the KTR made a road show in Rajendranagar.

However, the whole game has changed upside down as the BJP, much to everyone’s surprise has made a remarkable entry into TRS bastion and wrists all the three seats from TRS only to mark a new beginning in Rajendranagar. With this numbing loss the TRS party left in shambles and has started rooting around errors in Rajendranagar that has left the party’s leaders completely shell-shocked.