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EFLU Hyderabad Students End Hunger Strike Ended

The English and Foreign Language University (EFLU) students in Hyderabad have terminated their week-long indefinite hunger strike. The students had been protesting against the proctorial board and expressing disbelief in its probe into a fellow student’s sexual assault.

The students’ hunger strike was called off owing to health concerns, but they stated that their campaign for transparency and justice will continue.

Following the strike’s end, 17 students were arrested by Osmania University police on the basis of the Registrar’s report, which suspected a bigger plot behind the protests. The EFLU Registrar has filed the third FIR against the students, expressing concerns about slogans and the obstruction of the university’s main entrance.

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Due to health concerns and forthcoming examinations, the students have temporarily paused their protests, but have announced that they will return with a new plan of action after forming a new joint action committee. Some students’ parents have also taken legal action, filing a writ case with the Telangana High Court.

Protests at EFLU began with calls for the university’s Sensitisation, Prevention, and Redressal of Sexual Harassment (SPARSH) committee to be reconstituted. After a female student was sexually assaulted, the situation deteriorated, sparking more protests against the administration. Based on the proctor’s report, the police arrested students, and subsequent FIRs were filed for suspected harassment of a visually impaired staff member.

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