Sunday, October 25, 2020
Home Exclusive Himayath Sagar Lake is on the verge of brimming

Himayath Sagar Lake is on the verge of brimming

Following a weeklong intermittent rain in the catchment areas and subsequent inflows, the Himayath Sagar Lake is about to cram as the storage level has now reached to 1762 feet i.e. barely one foot shot of a full capacity of 1763 feet.

The present storage level of Himayath Sagar Lake stood at 1762 feet as against the 1761.10 feet on 11 October that translates into an increase of 0.9 feet during the last 24 hours.

Due to good rains this year, the storage capacity has fared significantly better than last year. While the present storage level is standing at 1762 feet, the official statistics show that it was stood at 1740.80 feet in the same period last year.

This can be translated conservatively into 22 feet increase in the capacity this season as against last year.  It is not out of place to mention here that, this is the second time in a month the storage capacity reached to such a level keeping the officials again on their toes.

Only two weeks earlier on 26th September, the Irrigation officials have decided to open the gates to release the water as the storage level was reached 1754.90 feet against them FTL capacity. Sensing the enormity, the authorities even issued a circular to the officials of the Revenue Department asking them to warn the people living in downstream areas of Himayat Sagar and alongside the Musi river.

However, the official rescinded the decision the next day as no further surge in the level was witnessed but prompted them to be very vigilant as the rainy season is not yet over and there is a great possibility that the situation may convulse again in the wake of more rains.