Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Hyderabad Airport Launches IoT Enabled Smart Baggage Trolleys

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) enabled smart baggage trolleys has been launched by the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport here.

It, therefore, said to have become India’s first airport to introduce IoT for following, tracking and keeping up the availability of baggage trolleys for travellers in the real-time across the airport.

The airport has introduced LoRa (Long Range) IoT platform for the Airport Baggage Trolley Project. The whole fleet of 3,000 baggage trolleys have been empowered with IoT technology, airport operator GHIAL stated on Friday.

With this technology set up, there will be a large decrease in the waiting time of travellers for baggage trolleys and will guarantee its accessibility in adequate numbers in real-time. Trolley management and replenishment will depend on the necessity at different areas across the air terminal enhancing efficiency and passenger experience while giving way for stable operations as well.

According to International Air Transport Association (IATA), a global association supporting aviation with global guidelines for airline safety, security, proficiency and sustainability, there should be at least 160 trolleys accessible for 1,000,000 travellers at any airport.

This smart trolley baggage management will address difficulties of trolley return and replenishment by finding trolleys at the correct time and at the correct spot. It likewise helps tackle the theft of trolleys and enables the airport to meet traveller requirements on a real-time basis.

The Smart Trolley Management system has the capacity to plan baggage trolleys as indicated by the predictive analyses of expected departure and arrival traveller loads.

It readies the operations team with proactive planning with real-time dashboards/data on the accessibility of baggage trolleys in various airport regions, guaranteeing its accessibility for the travellers at the correct spot and correct time. It gives ease of accessing information as it is compatible on mobile, laptop and desktop PC making it user friendly.

With an inbuilt alert mechanism, if there should be an occurrence of any trolleys carried out of “no airport zone” area, it produces an alert message tipping of the location for important action which can then be taken to recover.




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