Monday, January 18, 2021
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Kolkata’s Baghbazar under flames, attempts on to control raging fire

Big news has come from Baghbazar of Kolkatta where a massive fire took over the area today evening. At present, 25 fire engines have reached the spot and are keeping no stone unturned in trying to blow out the fire, which is raging with all its might.

The fire broke out in the locality’s slum area where it has resulted in the destruction of many huts of the locals. Reports say at least 20 shanties have burnt down to ashes due to the blaze that erupted from somewhere close to the Women’s College in Baghbazar.

As per the claims of the locals, blasts were heard in the slum region that the police doubt arose from the sound of the gas cylinders bursting. Though attempts are on to bring the fire under control, the wild winds have created more problems and made matters worse.

No reports of causality have come in till now because the police evacuated all people in the area in time before any unfortunate event occurs.

Meanwhile, locals accused firefighters of arriving at the location with an hour’s delay, alleging that the fire became much fiercer during the time.

As such, they destroyed a few police jeeps and other vehicles after which Rapid Action Force personnel had to be deployed to bring the situation under control and take charge of calming the angry crowd, according to an officer. A couple of ambulances are also ready at the spot to cater to any health emergency.

Reportedly, a journalist, present to cover the incident, was also beaten brutally by the mob. Locals spared none as neither the police, media nor firefighters were allowed to enter the area that greatly needed the help of the disaster relief workers.

Traffic in north Kolkata halted as the flames threatened every being. Power took went off quickly in the affected area.

The fire made its move towards other places too, taking into its circle the Sarada Mayer Bari that is next to the slum. Firefighters have evacuated the saints, a fire department official said.

The cause of the fire hasn’t been found till now, though police suspect it to be a cylinder blast.

A senior police officer said, “The reason for the fire is not yet known. The firemen are fighting it tooth and nail and hopefully, it will soon be under control. We have emptied the entire area. There were several blasts, which could be because of the gas cylinders.”