Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Local area Doctors comes as blessing in disguise for covid-19 patients

At a time when the reports of corporate hospitals turning their back towards the covid-19 patients citing shortage of beds, ventilators and other excuses, the doctors at local clinics come to the rescue of people in distress with regular home visits to provide required succor to patients and their parents.

I used to make atleast 11 visits a day to covid-positive patients’ houses to examine their medical condition. Even patients in their 80s are also getting recovered under isolation. The patients are taking much care of their health and proper medicines on time that helps in bringing upbeat results,” informed Dr.Mohd Zameeruddin, who is practicing at Maxpoly Clinic, Kings Colony, Shastripuram.

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“What is interesting to witness is the family bounding that, though distantly, is playing a crucial role in dealing with the pandemic,” said Dr.Zameeruddin adding that “Most of the parents and siblings of the patients keep instilling hope among the patients and chinning them up all the time besides keeping their care on top priority. This has actually boosted the morale and thereby the immunity of the patient. Proper diet and medication on time also makes a promising impact over the patients’ health besides.”

Meanwhile, contrary to the fear psychosis about the coronavirus, people of all ages are getting recovered only to show an upbeat convalescence tread amid the pandemic. Most of the people, some even in their 70s are getting recovered in home isolation bringing cheers on the faces of their families and siblings.

“My uncle in his 70s was tested positive last month with a severe breathing problem to which we took him to the nearby hospital. However, the hospital staff denied admitting him due to his deteriorating health condition and the doctor advised us to put him on an oxygen cylinder in home isolation. With no option left, we brought him home and started taking care by our own. Gradually, he shows improving signs every moving day and his condition is fully stable now,” informed Abdul Hamed.

Similar is the case of Feroz Pasha, a 45 years old youngster who successfully fought the infection and went back to his business. “I was told to remain in isolation for atleast 20 days and follow the medication. Though is it quite difficult for me to remain in isolation for such a long period as I am the only breadwinner of my family. However, I got drumming support from my family that helps me to stand on my feet again,” said elated Feroz.

In the meantime, the medical experts in the city are pushing for setting up of ‘Covid-19 Situation Rooms’ in every district in Telangana state to monitor the situation very precisely.

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“Covid-19 Situation Rooms should be formed in every district similar to war rooms being set up during the emergency time to manage or to combat the situation. The responsibility of the ‘Situation Rooms’ is to mobilize the groups to administer virucidal spray at every nook and corner in respected areas besides bringing awareness among the people about similar spraying in close proximities i.e. atleast 5 meters on both sides of their houses. Government could also use drone technology to spray the city and rural areas as was done in the 1980s when the state administered aerial spray using airplanes to arrest the spread of Japanese encephalitis,” observed Dr.Mujtaba Ali Hashmi, Chairman Dr.Hashmi’s Unani Medicine Observation and Research Foundation Hyderabad.