Monday, June 14, 2021
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Mercury begins impacting storage level at Hyderabad Lakes

Hyderabad: Though the storage capacity is quite satisfying at Himayath Sagar and Osman Sagar Lakes in the suburbs of Hyderabad city, the water level has started showing trembling signs with the mercury level gradually picking up the pace ever since last one week. With this, the present trend is visibly pointing towards the beginning of water level depletion.

As per the official sources, the permanent storage level of 1764 feet in Himayath Sagar lake while the present water level in the lake standing at 1762.65 feet i.e. 2.725 TMC feet. Similarly, the present storage capacity of Osman Sagar lake is 1786.30 feet i.e. 3.072 TMC as against the permanent storage level of 1790 feet in the reservoir.

The water level in both the historic reservoirs shows no signs of depletion during the three months till 22nd January last week where the storage capacity was recorded 1762.75 i.e. 2.763 TMC at Himayath Sagar and 1786.50 i.e. 3.115 TMC at Osman Sagar. However, this has now settled down to 1762.65 feet and 1786.30 feet respectively in both the lakes.

Though there were no fresh inflows being recorded in both the reservoir since October – an unfaithful month when the flood fury swarm the entire city and leaves a trail of destruction behind, the scorching temperature gradually increasing the intensity from this week that begins impacting over the storage level thereby recapitulate the depleting trend in the lake again.

Though the present trend is inkling towards a snowball effect getting active into the lakes the officials are optimistic that there would be no water shortage in the city at least for this year.

“Largely, there would be no water scarcity this year as all the major water bodies like Krishna, Godavari, Himayath Sagar, Osman Sagar, Singore, and Mangira were crammed due to copious rains last year. Consequently, the groundwater also increased in the ground, and borewells were also recharged. Already the water is being supplied to in-served, un-served, and O&M Division-1 areas in the city and suburbs as the tankers service is reaching even to tail-end areas.

This year there would be no issue of water scarcity for sure as we have enough of the aqua resource this time,” informed Khader Mohiuddin, General Manager (Div-I), HMWS&SB.

It is pertinent to mention here that the storage level in Himayath Sagar reached its full capacity of 17.63 feet prompting the officials to lift the gates to release the water through the Musi river channel. However, Osman Sagar Lake remains redundant by maintaining a steep gap between the storage level and the full capacity at the same time.