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Mir Alam Lake beautification project moving with snail pace

The Mir Alam Lake Beautification Project, that grounded in the year 2019 under Mission Kakatiya program is moving with snail pace as the initial rudimentary works of sewerage diversion canal could not be completed in over a year period of time.


The project carries three basic components that include Walkway and Cycling Track besides a 6 kilometre long Sewerage Diversion Canal around the water body. However, no significant progress has yet seen on the ground except an unmettled road around the water body. Out of a total 6 kilometres of sewerage diversion pipeline, the GHMC and the Irrigation Department got the share work of three kilometres each.

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The total 40.22 crore rupees Mir Alam Lake beautification project, aimed to promote best amusement facilities like walkway and cycling track, was grounded in September 2019. The project initially gets onto board with sewerage diversion canal starting from Indira Nagar side near Hassan Nagar area under Rajendrangar with a seed support of Rs.8 crores.

Though the irrigation officials are claiming that the works of sewerage diversion canal – meant to direct the filth coming from surrounding colonies into the canal thereby to sewerage treatment plants (STPs) set up across the water body have almost reach to an end and will be completed in one month, there were several location from where the sewerage from nearby areas can be seen directly marking into the water body raising question over the true purpose of falstaffian project of Rs.40.22 crore.

“The sewerage diversion canal that begins in the year 2019 will be completed in a month. The project would help redirect the filth coming from upward and surrounding areas to Sewerage Treatment plants (STP) set up near Mir Alam Filter. The treated water thereafter will be released into the water body to ensure the aquatic life and biodiversity remain in thrall of the environment. There were few points remain open from where the sewerage is still getting into the water body and the matter is needed to be resolved,” informed an official on the request of anonymity.

The 6 Kilometre long unmettled road, purportedly prepared for walkway and cycling track around the water body, has atleast four major point from where the sewerage that coming from surrounding areas, is swamping into the water body. Moreover, the entire surface of the lake has densely overpowered by water hyacinth – the bright green water vine considered harmful to aquatic life in the lakes. The bulbs of the water plant also help provide mosquitoes to form breeding ground thereby create mosquito menace in surrounding areas.

“As long as the sewerage flowing from surrounding areas remain continues to pass into the water body, the purpose of protecting the lake from filth and stink would not be fulfilled. Moreover, on several occasions the issue of water hyacinth taking over the surface of the lake was brought into the notice of officials through media but no appropriate measures have taken yet to provide relief to the lake from water plant that is very much harmful for both the humans living in surrounding areas and the aquatic life deep into water body,” informed Mohd.Zaheeruddin, a resident of the area.

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The eco-system of the tank spreads over 5.90 square kilometres of catchment area and the lake flows down mist of the hilly plateaus from Bahadurpura to Attapur under Rajendranagar. The lake drastically lose its appearance to encompassing densely populated areas and a rapid growth of water hyacinth – the bright green flouting aquatic water vine. According to the officials the present water body spreads over an area of 464 acres and carries over 15 meter depth from surface to bottom.


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