Monday, June 14, 2021
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Wounded by industrial waste Jalpally Lake cry for official empathy

In a fit case of government’s apathetic attitude towards the notified lakes in the city and surrounding areas, the Jalpally Lake – also known as ‘Bada Talaab’, left completely to the tender mercies of polluting industries that blatantly dumping or releasing the effluents into the lake thereby exponentially contaminating the water body.

While the regular exploitation of the lake into the hands of polluting industries has turned it gradually into a quagmire and drying up the lake area colossally, the significant level of encroachment is further fomenting the situation and has already push the water body’s existence into jeopardy.

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On 3rd April, it was found that the industrial effluent has grievously overpowered the entire surface of the water body putting the officials of the Municipality and irrigation department on their toes. Later, a complaint has been lodged into Pahadi Shareef police stations against polluting the water body in such a despicable manner.  Later, the Pahadi Shareef Police took one plastic unit owner into custody and filed a case in this regard.

“We have taken a cognisance of the incident that brazenly polluted the water body and even lodged a complaint with the police for suitable action against the perpetrating industries. The mater was also brought to the notice of higher officials. We will final a comprehensive report on the prevailing situation in and around the water body soon,” informed Vemula Ganga Raju, Assistant Executive Engineer Irrigation Department.

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Over the years the aquatic life of the Lake was brazenly destroyed due to dumping or releasing of effluents into the water body besides flinging heaps of garbage and construction debris very much inside the water body. What left behind is highly polluted water in the lake that gradually seeping down the ground due to increasing level of temperature thereby decreasing the water spread area rapidly.

The Jalpally Lake is a notified water body christened by HMDA with an ID No. 3602 in Japally Village, under Saroornagar Mandal of Rangareddy District. According to the survey that was done in the year 2013, the Jalpally Lake spreads on an area of 274.724 acres upto Full Tank Level (FTL) with water spread area (WSA) of 167.480 acres. The lake carries a Bund with a length of 880.550 meters in area.

“We are investigating the matter going by the CCTV camera visuals to ascertain who were the people actually dumping the effluent into the lake. Will take appropriate measures to curb such things in the future,” said Abdallah Sadi, Chairman Jalpally Municipality.