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Osman Sagar Gates Lifted After 11 Years Following Heavy Inflows

After a gap of 11 years, the authorities at Osman Sagar Lake today lifted two crest gates of the reservoir following heavy inflows since last Tuesdays. The officials have decided to release 180 cusecs of water from the reservoir while there is still a gap of 5.1 feet to reach the full capacity of the lake.

It was in the year 1998 and then 2010 when the crest gates of Osman Sagar Lake were lifted to release the water after the lake receives heavy inflows due to incessant rains. Now, after almost eleven years of gap the reservoir flowing through the crests. Lifting two gates upto one feets, the authorities have proposed to release 100 cusecs of water from each gate.

As against the inflow of 120 cusecs recorded on 20th July, the Lakes has received 400 cusecs of inrush on Thursday that bolster the storage level presently hovering at1784.90 feet (2.817 TMC) as against the full tank capacity of 1970 feet (3.90 TMC).

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Meanwhile, witnessing swelling inflows marking way from catchment areas into the reservoir, the authorities at Himayath Sagar Lake lifted two more gates at 7.00 pm on Thursday to feed Musi River with surplus water. The authorities planned to release a total 1716 cusecs of water from all five gates being lifted so far.

Although three gates of Himayath Sagar was lifted two days ago to release surplus water after level was reached to 1763 feet as against the full capacity of 1763.50 feet, the water table remain standing at the crest as the lake is witnessing significant amount of inflows from catchment areas due to consistent rains in upward areas since Wednesday beating a drums of a potential alarming situation in the days to come.

On Thursday, the reservoir receives 600 cusecs of inflows – recorded between 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, from catchment areas prompting the officials to open more two gates to release the surplus water into Musi River.

Displaying an upward trend with 4444 cusecs inflows being recorded on 15th July last week, the reservoir is keep witnessing enterprising ebb and flow of inrush from catchment areas that remain left a bolstering impact over the water level.

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As against the water level of 1763 feet just .5 feet short of the full capacity being registered on 20th July, the day when three crest gates were lifted to a feet high, the present storage level stood at 1762.60 feet (2.716 TMC) while the rains spurred with a cloudy weather is continue to hit the ground.