Thursday, February 25, 2021
Home Exclusive Wakf Board Chairman Mohd Saleem’s comments about convulsive corona create flutter

Wakf Board Chairman Mohd Saleem’s comments about convulsive corona create flutter

Sensational soothsaying by Chairman Wakf Board Mohd Saleem Yesterday, that coronavirus would convulse again vigorously from 2nd February has created a flutter among the people in the city just a week ahead of the proposed reopening of the school and colleges in the state.

During a meeting in his chamber Yesterday, he was heard saying “Though the vaccine was developed recently to prevent the contagion from spreading further people still need to be very careful as it is better to be safe than sorry.  When we walk a fine line as a precaution there would be no need to have a vaccine or a tablet,”

Urging the gathering to refrain from sitting cheek by jowl and maintain distance every time, he said “Leave at least a seat empty next to you while attending the meeting or gathering.”

“People should refrain from wrapping up especially at weddings and ceremonies as this will bring more trouble to our families in the form of penetration of virus in our houses,” he appealed with folding hands.

His comments come at a time when the schools and colleges in the state are going to reopen again physically from 1st February after a one long year. Several academic institutions in the city are busy setting their houses in order again with cautious incrementalism and security measures just to welcome the pupil from next week.

Even the government is vigorously holding vaccination drives and trying to dispel the fear among the people. People may avoid sending their children to schools and colleges after learning about the chairmen’s rhetoric while it also impacts the smooth reopening of schools and colleges in the city while the management of academic institutions is waiting for almost one year.

Meanwhile criticizing the Chairman Wakf Board for his asinine comments about the coronavirus, Advocate M.A.Qavi Abbasi, Spokesperson All India Majlis Inquilab-e-Millat (AIMIM Inquilab), asked Mohd. Saleem that “How did he become a soothsayer over the night. At times he tried to portray himself as a professional doctor and at times behave like a soothsayer. From where he learned that corona will convulse again in the month of February?”

“The Chairman Wakf Board is trying to instill a fear psychosis among the people for which he should be booked under relevant laws. He should refrain from resorting to spreading hearsay and asinine rhetoric lest people will take a legal route against him” Warned M.A.Qavi Abbasi.