Thursday, May 30, 2024
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5 Hindu migrants from Pak given Indian citizenship in Jaipur

A total of five Hindu migrants from Pakistan were given Indian citizenship certificates in Jaipur on Monday. Additional District Collector (South), Abu Sufiyan Chauhan, handed over the certificates to the five Pakistani migrants, including Sanjay Kumar, Sunita, Harsha, Nisha and Rajesh Kumar.

After receiving the citizenship certificate, Sanjay Kumar expressed his gratitude to the district administration and said, “The long wait of many years has ended today. We can now say with pride that we are Indians.”

Sufiyan on his part congratulated all the migrants who acquired Indian citizenship and said that the district administration processes the citizenship applications on priority basis and issues certificates swiftly so that the applicants do not face any problem.

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Sufiyan added that till now, Indian citizenship certificates have been issued to a total of 299 eligible applicants.

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