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After Seema Haider, now Bangladeshi woman sonia arrives in Noida with infant

Even before the controversy surrounding Pakistan national Seema Haider could settle, another woman from Bangladesh has arrived in India with her infant son in search of her Indian husband, who she claims has deserted her, police said.

Sonia Akhtar, who is living in Noida for the last eight days, claims that a man from Noida married her and after living with her for three years, returned to India.

She claims that Saurav Kant Tiwari, a resident of Noida, married her in Bangladesh and together they have a son. Tiwari, the woman claimed, used to work in Bangladesh when the two fell in love and got married as per Muslim rituals.

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After she conceived, the man who had converted to Islam, left for India promising to return after completing some important work. When he failed to return, Sonia tried to establish contact with him through his mobile phones but surprisingly found that all the numbers were unreachable.

Taking a leaf from the Seema Haider incident, she decided to come to India with the help of a visa. When she reached Noida, the police detained her and kept her in a detention center in Sector-62.

Later, the women’s cell of the Noida Police Commissionerate tried to mediate between Tiwari and Sonia but to no avail.

A determined Sonia says that either her husband should return to Bangladesh with her or she will stay with him in India sending the Noida police in a tizzy.







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