Saturday, October 24, 2020
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As showers continue to lash the city, lightning hit a house at Shastripuram

While the showers continue to hit normal life in the city and suburbs, the incident of lightning too was reported Yesterday night from the Shastripuram colony, under Rajendranagar where a thunderbolt hit a building causing damage to a parapet wall atop the structure.

The bolt from the blue incident that took place at Friday midnight has shaken the residents up who were bewildered with the horrendous sound produced the moment lightning has hit the building in the colony. However, they take a sigh of relief knowing that no one has been hurt in the freaky incident barring the slightest damage to a parapet wall atop the G+3 building that bore the brunt of lighting.

“It took only a few seconds to devastate the whole building. It was around 2.20 or 20.30 am mid-night when we trembled up on our beds hearing a dazzling sound of the thunderbolt that soon took away the power supply in the entire area. My whole building shook for a moment. Summoning up our strength, we along with some other horrified neighbors came out of houses but were surprised to see that a portion atop my building was hit by lightning resulting in damaging of the parapet wall. The debris of the wall, that was shattered due to lightning, was seen scattered all the way down to the road,” informed Mohammed Abdul Qader, whose building was hit by midnight lightning.

“Home appliances such as scores of LED bulbs, and a fridge beside some decoration lamps in my building were damaged due to lightning. Electric wiring too was damaged in the incident,” he further explained.

“The sound caused such a terrible impact that all the stuff in the house was tossed from their instances for a moment besides shaking the houses slightly. Moreover, we were baffled after knowing that the debris of the parapet wall of the house that was hit by the lightning has flown onto roofs of other houses,” said Syed Shoukat Ali, another resident.

However, no loss of human lives was caused in this incident that took place at the death of the night. There were some reports of shock and awe moments soon after the lightning but no one was hurt in the incident. Meanwhile, no such incidents were reported from anywhere in the Shastripuram colony, under the Rajendranagar area.