Sunday, October 25, 2020
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CBI Hits a Roadblock as CCTV Footage from Hathras Hospital Has Been ‘Lost’

Hathras, Uttar Pradesh: CBI inquiries concerning the Hathras sexual assault and murder case ran into their first roadblock when the investigations found out that the CCTV footage of September 14, the day the casualty was taken into the hospital, has been ‘lost’.

Indra Veer Singh, Chief Medical Superintendent of the Hathras area hospital, stated that the hospital would have preserved the recording if the police had asked them to.

He stated: “The Hathras district administration and police department had not requested for the CCTV Footage recording at the time. Now, after a month, we can’t provide it. Past footages get deleted every seven days and new footage gets recorded over it. We do not keep a back-up unless specifically requested to.”

The casualty had first been taken to the district medical clinic for treatment after the occurrence and the recording might have given significant proof about her condition after she was allegedly assaulted.

The CBI group had visited the hospital to record statements of doctors and inspect the evidence.

CBI sources told that the recording would have helped them discover the state of the casualty when she was brought there, who took care of her and who spoke to her when she was there.

A police officer stated the hospital has “nothing to do” with the crime-related related inquiry.

He stated: “Unless a crime occurs in the hospital or carelessness is reported, this has no significance on the criminal inquiry. These are unrelated things. That is why CCTV footage was not brought into account.”

This, unexpectedly, the is the second case lately when the absence of CCTV footage in a high-profile case being examined by the CBI, is influencing examinations.

In the Sushant Singh Rajput case as well, the Cooper Hospital in Mumbai where the post mortem of the late Bollywood entertainer was done, didn’t save the CCTV recording for investigations.

In one more rape case in UP, a girl was allegedly gang-raped on a moving bus transport for the whole night on Friday and was later tossed out of the bus. The occurrence comes as a chilling reminder of the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape situation where a 23-year-old female medical student was seriously attacked and gang-raped by five men and a juvenile inside of a moving bus in South Delhi.

This is the third such case in Uttar Pradesh over the last one month where a girl traveler on the way to Delhi was sexually assaulted on a moving bus and, that as well, by the staff. The casualty is a local of Sardhana town of Meerut region.




source: with input from ians