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CP and his family participates in a family get-together of Narayanaguda Police Station staff

Hyderabad: Today at Narayanaguda L&O Police Station the Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad Anjani Kumar, IPS and CP’s wife Vasundhara Sinha, IRS were invited and received all the family members of all Police personnel working at the police station. The purpose was to introduce the family members and children of Police constable Officers to the working environment of their husband and fathers. More than 400 family members attended the function. There was lot of excitement most of the family members said that it was their first visit to police station where their husband was working.

They were very happy to see the nice working condition at the police station. The children were very excited when they were received by Reception Officer and they got thrilled to see the CCTV network. The wife’s said that now respect for their husband has gone up.

They Commissioner of police also explained to the family members that citizen Friendly Policing is the need of the hour. Every police men should attract smiles from common public. The initiative and practice is seen globally where family members are invited to see the work place. The Commissioner of Police offered sweets and chocolates to all the children and participated in lunch with all the Police Constable Officers and their families. “Vasundhara Sinha, IRS said that first time she had visited police station in 1991 where Anjani Kumar was posted as ASP of Janagaon in Warangal. She also mentioned that there has been a lot of improvement in the facilities provided at the Police Station now the functioning of police station is more like a corporate world in Hyderabad city. She also appealed to all the mothers of the Police families to regularly get the small children vaccinated for polio and other diseases she also a asked all the constables to take care of their wives and spend more time with them. She narrated many instances in which her husband Anjani Kumar could not attend birthday functions of the children because of police official commitments she said that as a wife of police officer there are many challenges and she can felt the sentiments of the family members of all the constable officers present at Narayanaguda Police Station.

Vasundhara Sinha is working as Additional Director General of Foreign Trade with the Government of India in the Ministry of Commerce. Earlier she was worked as Commissioner of Income Tax, Hyderabad. (NSS)