Saturday, March 6, 2021
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‘Education’ and ‘Community funding, a need of the hour to usher revolution: Akbar Owaisi

After warning the elected party Corporators against involving in any kind of irregularities and causing problems to the common people, the AIMIM floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi today urged the party leaders to remain humble with the cadre and involve their apt advice while taking up development works in their respective areas.

He was addressing a party meeting on Thursday held under Division No.42, award retained by the party in the recently held GHMC elections.

“We have bestowed with power not to rule arrogantly but to be humble and submissive to the people who have voted us to power. We could prove ourselves best among others by serving the people selflessly but should keep in mind that by suppressing their voices we can’t win their hearts,” he explained.

Carrying on with his avuncular way of speech, Akbar Owaisi, said “As we all know that we came into being to serve the humankind and everyone should have to live with this sense of purpose. Traces of our good deeds and righteousness will surely found their place in the hearts of people whom we have worked as a long-lasting token of acknowledgment and the same will pass on to the next generation.

There is nothing to lose if we were worked with good intentions aimed at helping the people as only the intentions that will receive an approval of the Almighty and secure a reward on the judgment day.”

“We could usher an era of a revolution by promoting education among us and this way we can change the way we think and perceive. We need to highlight the importance of learning among the masses as only education has the power to rein-in the tide of adversities. To bring such change among the community through education, we are striving hard to spread the grid of schools in Chandrayangutta constituency,” claimed Owaisi.

Urging the people conquered their vices and promote ‘community funding’ to help and support people around them, Akbar Owaisi said, “it is the need of the hour to promote “community funding” and help those desperately in need of the support as evil forces are strengthening their resources and are about to unleash their wicked agendas on us.”

In an attempt to strengthen the rank and file in the party, the AIMIM floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi urged party leaders to take the cadre into confidence before planning development activities in their areas and said, “Any such effort being done on individual capacity will not yield a better result than the one being done in unison.”