Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Jalpally Lake bridge road works to be grounded soon

Nearly a month of blockade, the Jalpally Lake bridge road works will begin soon as the municipal council cleared Rs.1.15 crore proposal of construction and widening of the stretch upto two kilometers. If the officials of the Jalpally municipality to be believe, the works will be grounded anytime soon during next week.

Earlier last month, the Japally officials closed the road as the stretch became vulnerable for untoward accidents due to overflowing of lake following the floods in the month of October last year.

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“Municipal council has already approved the proposal of construction and widening of two kilometres of approach road on the bank of the lake with an outlay of Rs.1.15 crore. The file is pending with the Engineering Wing for technical assessment.  The present width of the road is 20 feet wide but has proposed to stretch it further 10 feets giving a wall to wall approach bringing the entire width of the road to a total 30 feets. All the arrangements have already been completed and if all plans work accordingly, the inauguration will be held next week,” informed Abdallah Sadi, Chairmen Jalpally Municipality.

It is pertinent to mention here that Jalpally officials blocked the road only earlier last month to prevent any untoward incidents at Jalpally Lake Bridge as there were incidents in the past that had claimed lives of two people who had ventured the lake.

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The officials later find the stretch completely unsafe for the commuters as the flood water already made this narrow and bumpy road quite vulnerable for similar incidents as vehicular movement, that include passage of heavy vehicles carrying construction and industrial material, is very common.

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Earlier, the officials were of the view that unless and until the flood water recedes the narrow and unmetalled road is not at all safer for the commuters to pass on. However, now when the flood water has sunk into the ground to an extent, the officials are planning to field the works and complete the same as soon as possible to avoid further inconvenience to the regular rod users on this stretch.