Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Municipality officials blocked Jalpally bridge road citing susceptible of incidents

Anticipating a threat of untoward incidents at Jalpally Lake Bridge, the Municipality officials have blocked the interconnecting road of Jalpally Kaman to Desi Dhaba by placing boulders on both the ends of the bridge making the stretch completely non-transportable for vehicles beyond two-wheelers.

“As the lake water remains deep at the bridge side, this stretch becomes quite prone to untoward incidents as commuters passing through the bridge may fall down in the lake incidentally with just the slightest imbalance meant while moving through a fragile and bumpy road,” informed an official.

Recalling the incident that happened two months ago wherein two youngsters accidentally drowned at the site after venturing into the water unmindful of its depth and girth, the official said, “Due to incessant rains and the subsequent floods in the month of October last year the Jalpally Lake and its subsidiaries in the surrounding were brimmed over to their fullest. The water level at the Jalpally bridge side rises 10 to 12 feet in height making this part of the lake a vulnerable point of incidents. Though the bridge carries fencing to some extent it is not at all adequately protected to fend off people from venturing into the water body.”

“As the heavy vehicles carrying construction and industries related material are the regular users of this narrow and bumpy road, he said, the officials find it completely unsafe for the traffic to pass through the vulnerable stretch and hence have blocked the road by placing heavy boulders on the site close to the bridge.

It is unclear how long the road will remain closed on the stretch as the officials are of the view that unless the water level subsides it is not appropriate and safer to open this narrow and unmetalled road for the traffic moment.

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