Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Officials raided illegal animal waste processing factories in Jalpally

Much to the surprise of everyone in the Jalpally area, the municipality officials today found, raided, and sealed few alleged illegal animal visceral organs processing factories found running without proper permissions and required procedures after receiving recurrent complaints from the people.

Commissioner Jalpally Municipality G.P Kumar along with his staff carried out raids on factories found operating in Shahjahan Colony after finding the industries operating without obtaining permission from the competent authority. The officials informed that the visceral organs stuff found prepared today in factories are being filled in packets on which February 2021 has been mentioned as the manufacturing date.

“These factories are running without proper permissions from the municipality and have found floating all the rules set to operate food processing industries. It is heard that these factories are processing beef and exporting it to some other countries. Today, after finding them violating the rules we have sealed a few of them and identified a few others. There are few more such industries operating here. Soon we will come with a fleet of officials from different departments and take appropriate action against them,” informed G.P.Kumar Commissioner, Jalpally Municipality.

Warning the industries of strict action, he said, we will send the samples being taken today to the laboratory and ascertain what actually they are processing.  These industries are not allowed here to operate and play with the health of the common people. “We have already informed the higher officials about the unhealthy practices being performed in these factories. We will keep pore over the activities and act accordingly soon,” he asserted.