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Kidnapping and Tragic Death of Mohd Rizwan in Hyderabad Raise Concerns

A 31-year-old man, Mohd Rizwan, was kidnapped on September 11 and later slain, apparently over money disagreements.

Rizwan, who lived in Yakhutpura and used to work as a house guard, was kidnapped in Santoshnagar. Following the kidnapping, the victim’s father received a call from the kidnappers demanding a ransom of Rs 10 lakh for his son’s safe release.

The father, distraught and desperate, sought help from the IS Sadan police station, but his pleas apparently went ignored. Fearing for his son’s safety, he paid the kidnappers Rs 2 lakh, guaranteeing Rizwan’s release on September 13.

The situation, however, took a fatal turn. Rizwan began vomiting blood, suggesting that he had received significant injuries during his two days of imprisonment and alleged attack by the kidnappers. He was hospitalized to Osmania General Hospital (OGH) and afterwards moved to Owaisi Hospital when his condition deteriorated further. Rizwan died from his injuries on September 18, despite medical attempts.

Amjed Ullah Khan, the spokesperson for the Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) party, voiced grave worry over the increase in killings in the city and chastised the local police for supposed inability in preventing such crimes.

The accused have been charged and two persons have been arrested, according to local officials. This unfortunate occurrence comes after a succession of violent incidents in Hyderabad, including a stabbing in Hafiz Baba Nagar and an alleged beating to death by restaurant personnel in Punjagutta over a quarrel over additional raita (curd).

The event has highlighted the importance of strong public safety measures and rapid police action to counteract escalating criminal activity in the city.


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