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‘Miya Muslim’ remark: RS MP Ajit Bhuyan files FIR against Assam CM

Rajya Sabha MP Ajit Bhuyan has lodged an FIR against Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma for his remarks against Bangladeshi-origin Muslim settlers (‘Miya’) in the state.

Bhuyan filed a police complaint against Sarma at the Dispur police station, claiming that the statements made by Sarma amounted to hate speech against a particular community.

The Rajya Sabha MP wrote in the FIR, “Very recently, while talking to the press, Himanta Biswa Sarma asked people from the Upper Assam area to come to Guwahati and in that event, he would clear Guwahati from Miyas. The statement is available on social media. Such a statement on the face of it is intended to create a division among different communities in the state and are prejudicial to national integration.

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“It is stated that a closer look at the statement would make it clear that the intention was to promote enmity between different groups on the ground of religion and race.”

Bhuyan also mentioned Supreme Court orders terming hate speech as a serious offense affecting the social fabric of the nation.

He said, “The apex court has directed all states and Union Territories to register cases over hate speech, even if no complaint is lodged, by various ruling party leaders targeting a community. But the police are not taking any action.

Given the same, I am lodging this FIR to bring to your notice the statement above of the Chief Minister and requesting you to register a case. According to the Bhuyan, the matter should be investigated so that peace in the state is not disturbed.







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