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Mukhtar Ansari’s property worth Rs 608 cr confiscated, demolished

The UP Police have, so far, confiscated and demolished properties valued at over Rs 608 crore belonging to mafia don Mukhtar Ansari. Nearly 300 of his associates have faced legal action in the past few years, leading to a collapse of his empire.

Ansari, whose network spread across numerous districts of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Punjab, now finds himself in dire straits as legal proceedings unravel his criminal network. He faced his 8th conviction on Wednesday in a fake arms licence case.

Currently lodged in Banda jail, Ansari has at least 65 cases ranging from murder and robbery to extortion, pending against him.

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Director General of Police (DGP) Prashant Kumar said, “The state government’s multi-pronged approach, comprising vigorous legal battles and law enforcement measures, has effectively targeted not just Ansari but his entire criminal syndicate. At least 297 members of his gang and his affiliates are facing legal action, and 175 licensed arms holders are under scrutiny. Notably, five gang members have met their end in police encounters, signalling a resolute stance against organised crime.”

He further said, “Under the Gangster Act and the National Security Act (NSA), 164 members of Mukhtar gang have been booked, leading to confiscation and demolition of properties valued at over Rs 608 crore. Illicit contracts, tenders, and businesses worth Rs 215 crore have been shut down, further crippling the illicit operations of Ansari and his associates.”

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