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Over 200 shanties belonging to suspects involved in Nuh violence demolished

Law enforcement agencies have demolished more than 200 shanties of “illegal” immigrants, who were reportedly involved in the July 31 violent clashes in Haryana’s Nuh district.

In the last four years, the shanties had been built illegally on land belonging to the Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP) in Nuh’s Tauru area and were allegedly inhabited by illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

The demolition drive on Thursday was carried out by the district authorities accompanied by a heavy police contingent. While probing the violence, the police found that the majority of demonstrators had pelted stones in and around Tauru and targeted shops, police and people during clashes.

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Upon analysing CCTV footage and videos, the police identified the houses from where most of the stone pelting was orchestrated. The sources said similar demolition drives will be carried out in over 50 more places in Nuh.

“Demolition was carried out by relevant agencies and we provided police support. Further Investigations are underway,” said a senior police officer requesting anonymity.

“These structures were illegal. We cannot allow anyone to hamper law and order. Those involved in the riots will be nabbed soon,” SP Nuh Narender Birjaniya said. Combing exercises were also conducted by the police in Mewli, Shikarpur, Jalalpur and Shingar villages.

The riots erupted after the Brij Mandal Yatra organised by the VHP was attacked on July 31 and vehicles were set on fire. So far, 55 FIRs have been registered and 141 people have been arrested in Nuh.

On Thursday, the overall situation in Nuh and Gurugram remained calm. A special cyber crime team has also collected footages of all the CCTV cameras installed across the Yatra route. In the past as well, the Nuh police actively attached and demolished illegal properties of noted criminals.











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