Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Pavement milling and wayside digging works makes Attapur, a perilous route

Leaving the roads remain untouched after pavement milling (scratching of roads) and wayside digging works being taken up in Rajendranagar area is causing great inconvenience to road users and often leading to accidents.

These works were taken up at several roads in Rajendranagar under Comprehensive Road Maintenance Programme (CRMP) and the present situation of road from Pillar No. 245 Sulemannagar to 294 Shivrampally turned the stretch into perilous routes as most of the passengers were losing balance of the vehicles while passing through the scratchy roads all the way to five kilometres.

It is said that road works being taken up in six circles such as Charminar, Falaknuma, Rajendranagar, Malakpet, Santoshnagar and Chandrayangutta in Charminar Zone were awarded to M.Venkatarao Infra Projects Private Limited.

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Similarly, the road cutting works for underground gas pipelines are also taken up from Pillar No.294 Shivrampally to Pillar No.118 Attapur on the other side of the same road only to add more woes to already perturbed commuters.

While the ramp works are already under progress at Pillar No.165, opposite to RDO office Rajendranagar, the pavement milling from Pillar No. 245 Sulemannagar to 294 Shivrampally and road cutting works from Pillar No. 294 Shivrampally to Pillar No.118 Attapur makes both side of the stretch a complete perilous route for the commuters.

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“The contracting agencies leaving the road remain scratchy for weeks leading to several incidents every day while the situation turns more worse in the night when people usually fail to acknowledge the road condition in the dark and suddenly start losing the balance out of the blue. This situation is often causing accidents on the roads leaving many people injured,” informed Kamelakar Jitender, activist and a resident of Attapur.

“No side of the road from Shivrampally to Attapur is safer for driving presently as one side is witnessing road cutting while another is seen with scratching marks on the stretch quite for a few kilometers. Unfortunately, the works are being taken up without having a caution board on either side of the road putting the commuters completely into dark about the road work and its situation ahead,” Mujahid Mohiuddin Khudri, another resident of Golden Heights Colony, Upperpally, Rajendranagar.

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It is said that the pavement milling works would go on quite few more days in the area leaving no option for the commuters except to take another route until and unless the works concluded.