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‘Stench’ forces Mumbai-bound IndiGo flight to return to Delhi

An IndiGo Airlines New Delhi-Mumbai flight returned to the Delhi airport early on Friday as some passengers complained of a stench inside the aircraft.

When some passengers who claimed they were almost choking, tried to find out from the crew, they were not given any replies and were asked not to click photos or videos.

However, some passengers managed to shoot a brief video and sent it to Thane activist Dr. Binu Varghese who forwarded it to the concerned authorities for action.

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The passengers informed Dr. Varghese that they were forced to suffer the ordeal of poor air quality for nearly 30 minutes before the flight returned to New Delhi this morning. In a statement, an IndiGo spokesperson confirmed that the flight (6E449) returned to Delhi due to a ‘momentary foul smell’.

The pilot, following standard operating procedures, landed back in Delhi as a precaution, and an alternate aircraft was arranged for the passengers flying to Mumbai.

Reacting to the incident, some fliers took to social media to narrate similar plight they had undergone, ostensibly due to certain cost-saving factors indulged in by the carriers.

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