Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Wayward crowed at ration shops hinting towards another catastrophe

At a very moment of a steep decline in positive cases are being witnessed in the state, the Hyderabad city especially the southern part has appeared heading towards another catastrophe with people thronging to fair price shops to get ration throwing social distancing norm and Covid-19 appropriate behavior into the air.

Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts together carry a total number of 1593 ration shops with the former having 674 shops and the latter holding 919 such facilities. However, out of 919 FP shops located in Rangareddy District, the Saroornagar circle alone carries a whopping 217 shops spreading under areas like Rajendranagar, L.B.Nagar, Serilingampally and Vanasthalipuram.

The city’s fringe areas like Hassan Nagar, Indra Nagar, Suleman Nagar, Shastripuram and Gagan Pahad in Rajendranagar and Falaknuma, Mustafa Nagar, Chashma in Bahadurpura are some of the densely populated areas where ration shops where seen overwhelmed with the public gathered there to get monthly ration in a hustle bustle unmindful of Covid appropriate behaviour.

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No proper social distancing arrangements were seen at fair price shops in these areas where people from minor children to old age citizens were seen waiting in queues with just a hair’s breadth distance for hours to get their turn. The crowd increased many folds when the relaxation time reached to the threshold thereby leading to a messy situation wherein every person tries to unwind from the rush pushing out others unmindful of getting affected with the infection.

Not much different is the situation at Me-seva centers where poor and disabled people are approaching to know whether or not their Aasara pensions have been released from the government. This led to a similar messy state of affairs at Mee-Seva centres hinting towards another startling catastrophe.

“These scenes of overcrowding at FP shops and Me-Seva centres will surely send the wrong message to the government and would play a spoilsport against the measures to arrest the infection thereby hampering the chance of revoking restrictions. Unless the people adopt covid-19 appropriate behaviour in every aspect, the situation will not change. The less we follow the covid-19 restrictions the more we are exposed to life threats forcing the Government to roll out measures after measures to avoid re-convulsing of the pandemic,” said Sai Mallik, Ward Member Budvel, Rajendranagar.

Expressing resentment over the messy situation at Fair Price Shops, the Assistant Civil Supplies Officer Saroornagar Circle, Bala Saroja said, “We are unable to control the wayward public at Fair Price Shops as additional rice distribution, announced by the government made people unnerved and made them rush towards FP shops in myriad to get the excess amount of rice all by throwing social distancing rules into air.”

“Taking help from police can’t help us to ensure adherence to covid-19 appropriate behaviour,” she said adding that “When police itself facing  great difficulty to ensuring people follow Covid-19 guidelines on roads and localities how come the FP agents of FPS with just one assistant each to disburse grains can control the wayward people,” she questioned quipped.