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Wrong bodies handed over to families after autopsy in UP district

In a major goof-up, the Moradabad post-mortem house handed over the wrong bodies to grieving families. Two bodies were switched at the post-mortem house, causing distress and anger among the relatives.

The mix-up happened after post-mortems were conducted on two bodies. After the autopsy, the body of Surendra, who died from vomiting and diarrhea, was given to Kunwar Pal’s family, while the body of Kunwar Pal, who died in a wall collapse, was handed over to Surendra’s family.

The mix-up came to light when one of the families arrived to collect the bodies. Chaos erupted at the post-mortem house and continued at the police station until the issue was resolved after two and a half hours.

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S.K. Belwal, the deputy chief medical officer of Moradabad. acknowledged the error and assured measures to prevent such incidents in the future, including implementing a more reliable tagging system.









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