Monday, April 15, 2024
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YRF launches casting app so that aspiring actors can apply from anywhere

Film production company Yash Raj Films, has launched its casting app to help acting aspirants to get casting information and submit auditions.

The YRF casting app will enable aspirants to register profile details and will be able to soon get information about all the upcoming auditions related to their projects — films and streaming projects.

The company, headed by Aditya Chopra, believes that it will tackle the issues caused by fake YRF casting accounts that mislead people about auditions and are a threat to YRF’s market reputation.

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Shanoo Sharma, who looks after selecting and grooming aspirants to be launched in projects by the banner, will personally monitor all auditions coming through this app.

“The YRF Casting App is a progressive step towards making aspiring actors reach out directly to YRF for projects that the company is making. We are certain that there are countless, brilliant actors throughout the world waiting to be discovered. This could be their chance of a lifetime!” Shanoo said

Calling it a “safe space”, she added that for the first time, “an aspiring actor can reach out to a production house directly.” “They don’t have to rely on anyone else for their shot at achieving their dreams.”

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