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Asaduddin Owaisi questions PM Modi on China border row

AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi has questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi why the Centre was not demanding a return to the status quo ante of May 2020 on the India-China border.

Reacting to the 19th round of India-China Corps Commander level meeting, the Hyderabad MP said in a lengthy tweet: “My questions to (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi remain the same. Why are we not demanding a return to status quo ante of May 2020? When will our soldiers get back the right to patrol the 26 patrolling points they accessed till 2020? When will India regain control over 2000 sq km of territory that it lost to China in 2020?

“It is nearly 40 months since the border crisis with China began. Denial, deflection, distraction — we have seen it all from the Modi government. What we need is deescalation and deinduction on the border — and some courage in Delhi to face the truth.”

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The AIMIM president was reacting to a joint press release issued on Tuesday after the 19th round of the India-China Corps Commander level meeting held at Chushul-Moldo border meeting point on the Indian side on Sunday and Minday.

According to the release, the two sides had a positive, constructive and in-depth discussion on the resolution of the remaining issues along the LAC in the western sector. In line with the guidance provided by the leadership, they exchanged views in an open and forward looking manner.

“They agreed to resolve the remaining issues in an expeditious manner and maintain the momentum of dialogue and negotiations through military and diplomatic channels.

In the interim, the two sides agreed to maintain the peace and tranquility on the ground in the border areas,” reads the release.





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