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BJP Plans Political Push on Hyderabad Integration Day in Telangana

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) intends to exploit Hyderabad Integration Day on September 17 as a crucial political event to bolster its position in Telangana, particularly in the run-up to the forthcoming assembly elections later this year.

The central government has chosen Warangal as the place for an official program commemorating Hyderabad’s integration, with Union Home Minister Amit Shah as the chief guest.

The BJP’s move underscores the rising rivalry between the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) and the Congress in Telangana. The BJP is attempting to increase its dominance in the state.

Last month, Amit Shah held a public protest in Khammam that did not produce the expected results. Following that, he voiced discontent with Telangana’s BJP leaders’ preparation strategies and recommended them to unite rather than be divided by disputes and groupings.

In response, BJP officials in Telangana are starting an outreach drive, including bus yatras (bus tours). G Kishan Reddy, Bandi Sanjay, and Eatala Rajender are among the prominent leaders planning separate bus yatras to engage with the public.

Last year, on September 17, the central government hosted official ceremonies to commemorate the fall of Hyderabad, including a public gathering at the Secunderabad Parade Ground with Amit Shah as the principal guest. This year, the official celebrations will be held at Warangal, with Amit Shah serving as the chief guest once again.


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