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Businessman robbed twice in a month, wife gang-raped

A businessman in Bijnor district was allegedly robbed, while his wife was gang-raped by a group. The robbery took place at the businessman’s house, while he was out with his mother and his two children to see a doctor.

According to reports, five men entered the house, tied up his wife, and gang-raped her. The man also alleged that the robbers consumed alcohol and burnt his wife with cigarette butts. Besides, they also stole gold jewelry, 2 kg silver items, Rs 1.5 lakh in cash, a scooter, and an LED TV installed in the house, he added.

The robbers cut the locks of the almirahs and rooms where the valuables were kept and intoxicated the woman. Police first tried to suppress the matter, but registered a complaint after the case surfaced in the media.

Further, the businessman claimed he was robbed on October 19 as well. The robbers then held him hostage and stole Rs 80,000 in cash.

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He had complained to the police and was assured that action would be taken against those behind the robbery, he said. Meanwhile, Superintendent of Police Neeraj Jadaun sent station in-charge Vikas Kumar to the lines for being negligent as he allegedly only gave assurances to the businessmen, instead of registering a complaint in the October 19 case.A case has now been registered by the police, under relevant sections related to gan-grape and robbery.

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