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CM to launch plantation drive in Gajwel from Aug. 1

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has announced that he would launch a massive plantation program of 1,00,116 saplings in Gajwel town on August 1 as part of Telanganaku Harithaharam program of this year. In addition to this, the CM has also instructed to plant 20,000 more saplings in the forest lands on the same day.

The CM said, that, peoples’ representatives, officials, police, students, women, youth, businessmen and common people should take part in the plantation program to plant 1,00,116 saplings. The CM said that the saplings are to be planted on either side of roads, in the premises of public and private institutions, in temple premises, in masjid premises, in church premises as well as in every house simultaneously the same day. He said that the plantation launching program should be taken up on a large scale with peoples’ participation and massive campaign should be taken up to make it a grand success. He said, that, the required saplings for this program are to be kept ready well in advance.

The Chief Minister held a review meeting on launching of the plantation of 1,00,116 saplings in Gajwel town, as part of Telanganaku Haritha Haram. Ministers Jogu Ramanna, Jagadish Reddy, Indrakaran Reddy, Chief Secretary SK Joshi, PCCF PK Jha, Additional CCF Dobriyal, Siddipet Collector Venkatram Reddy, Police Commissioner Joel Davis, Municipal Chairman Bhaskar, GUDA special officer Hanmanth Rao, Corporation Chairmen Election Reddy, Bhupathi Reddy, Bhuma Reddy, CM Special Secretary Bhupal Reddy, OSD Priyanka Verghese and other participated

The Chief Minister said 1,00,116 saplings are to be planted in Gajwel town on a single day. Students, members of the self-help groups and people at large are to be mobilized for the plantation program. The saplings are to be kept ready well in advance and pits are to be dug beforehand. The saplings are to be good in size. Including premises of private and public institutions saplings are to be planted at every vacant place and every house invariably.
The required number of saplings are to be reached to the houses a day in advance. Among the saplings to be distributed to the people there shall necessarily be fruit bearing and flower bearing trees. On 1st of August 2018 at the appointed time of launching the programme siren in all the masjids in the Gajwel town should be blown simultaneously. Immediately on hearing the sound of the siren, along with the Chief Minister, all over the town, everyone should plant at a time where ever they are. People should be educated adequately on this programme through public address system, wall writings, hoardings, paints etc.

“We have been marching ahead with all-round progress and development of Telangana state which we got after prolonged struggle. In the Economic Growth rate we are number one in the country. Many irrigation projects including Kaleshwaram Lift irrigation is in the process of completion. From June 2019 water in abundance will flow to the fields. Tanks all over the state will be filled with water. There would be a tremendous crop equal to nearly Rs 1,25,000 crores. Agriculture will be exceedingly good. Students are provided with quality education through residential schools.

The State is progressing in all aspects. In spite of these, if there are no proper living conditions, all these will go waste. There should be proper environment for a better living of all human beings. God and nature have provided what all that we require, which we, the human beings, however spoiled this. We need to rejuvenate all this. To regain lost forest and the greenery we have conceived and launched the Telanganaku Haritha Haram programme. From next year, it is decided to plant 100 crores saplings every year. We are establishing nurseries in every village where in addition to other saplings 25 % should be fruit bearing saplings. The monkey menace could be done away if only we grow wild fruit bearing trees. At Komatibanda forest village in Gajwel constituency, the saplings planted as part of rejuvenation of forests have come up very well. This has to be taken as a role model by all” said CM.

“In the ratio of human beings and plants India is lagging far behind. The ratio of this in Canada is 8,953 on an average for each person, in Russia it is 4,465, in USA 716, in China 102 where as in India it is just 28 trees per person. This is leading to ecological imbalances and increase of temperatures. This is the reason why we have taken up Telanganaku Haritha Haram programme in a mission mode. We are aiming at 33% of Greenery. The whole official machinery to strive hard to increase the greenery. Rejuvenation of the forest through plantation should take place. Plantation of saplings and safeguarding of trees should be of primary importance. There is no dearth of funds for this programme and NREGA funds should also be utilized for this purpose” said CM. (NSS)