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Congress demands immediate release of budget for minorities’ welfare

Hyderabad: Hyderabad City Congress Committee (HCCC) Minorities Department Chairman Sameer Waliullah on Monday demanded that the Telangana Government immediately release the funds which were allocated for the welfare of minorities in the budget for 2020-21.

Sameer Waliullah, in a media statement, expressed deep concern over the non-release of allocated funds for various schemes, especially those concerning the education of minorities.

He pointed out that an amount of Rs. 1,344.77 Crore was allocated for the implementation of various schemes during the year 2020-21. However, so far, Budget Release Orders (BROs) have been issued only for an amount of Rs. 908.41 Crore.

He said lakhs of students were badly affected due to the non-release of funds for more than 10 schemes.

Citing instances, Sameer said as against the allocation of Rs. 106.77 Crore for Telangana State Minorities Residential Schools and Hostels, BROs have been issued only for Rs. 53.38 Crore. Further, he said not a single rupee has been released towards the cost of ration or diet charges in these schools and hostels although an allocation of Rs. 106.21 Crore was made in the budget. He demanded that pending funds be released immediately as all schools have re-opened from the 1st of February.

Similarly, he said Rs. 75 Crore budget is pending for Shaadi Mubarak scheme; Rs. 51.73 Cr towards Scholarships (RTF); Rs. 18.7 Cr for Scholarships to Minority Students; Rs. 15.63 Cr for Overseas Study Scheme for Minorities; Rs. 4.26 Cr for Subsidy for Bank Linked Income Generated Schemes and Rs. 2.76 Cr are pending towards Training & Employment of Minorities. He said nearly 30% of the budget is also pending for Pre- Matric Scholarships MTF.

Waliullah said that the State Government did not even release the full amount of Rs. 2.35 Crore towards repair and maintenance of Mecca Masjid and Royal Masjid. So far, he said BROs have been issued only for an amount of Rs. 1.18 crore. He demanded that the Telangana Govt release the remaining amount at the earliest to enable repair and proper maintenance of both the historic mosques.

The Congress leader advised the TRS leaders to pressurize Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao seeking directions for the Finance Department for release of the allocated budget. “TRS party has been making fake claims of spending Rs. 2,000 crore for the welfare of minorities in Telangana. But in reality, KCR Govt did not release the entire allocated amount in the last six years,” he said.

Referring to a recent statement issued by Home Minister Mahmood Ali during the visit of Vice-Chairman of National Minorities Commission Atif Rasheed to Hyderabad, Sameer Waliullah pointed out that the Home Minister himself admitted that TRS Govt has spent Rs. 4,945 Crore during the last six years for the development of the community. “This clearly shows that the TRS Govt was making false claims of having Rs. 2,000 crore budget for minorities. If the claim was true, then nearly Rs. 12,000 crore should have been spent in the last six years. However, according to the Home Minister himself, only Rs. 4,945 Crore were spent which clearly means that not even Rs. 1,000 crore were spent for the welfare of minorities ever since TRS came to power,” he said.

He demanded that CM KCR issue directions to the Finance Department for the immediate release of the budget while ensuring that the unspent amount, if any, be carried forward to the next financial year.



source (NSS)