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Daawat-e-Hyderabad: A Grand Celebration of Hyderabadi Food and Culture in Bengaluru

Mataam Al Tur, a Hyderabadi restaurant, is organising Daawat-e-Hyderabad, a one-of-a-kind concept event in Bengaluru that aspires to reflect Hyderabad’s food and culture. The June 4 event will recreate a typical Hyderabadi wedding, replete with a baarat procession, real Hyderabadi cuisine, Qawwali performances, and more.

Mohammed Ismail Salfi, the restaurant owner, created the event to revive Hyderabad’s customs and rituals. To ensure authenticity, everything, including groceries, cooks, waiters, glassware, utensils, and even the water used, had to be supplied from Hyderabad.

Influencers in Bengaluru have expressed interest in the event, and people from other cities, like Mumbai and Pune, have also purchased tickets. Ismail noticed that clients at his restaurant, particularly those from Bengaluru, are very interested in Hyderabad’s culture, notably its weddings and food. This encouraged him to plan a wedding-like experience for them.

The event will include Marfa, the traditional band that accompanies the baraat, in addition to the wedding festivities. Daawat-e-Hyderabad will be held in several sites throughout Bengaluru, and Mataam Al Tur intends to hold similar events in the future to promote Hyderabadi culture.

Ismail, 31, expresses both enthusiasm and apprehension about the event, recognising the huge task it provides. He is excited to effectively showcase Hyderabadi traditions and food in Bengaluru.



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