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Deadline for Home Voting Applications in Telangana Set for April 22

Ahead of the impending Lok Sabha elections, Vikas Raj, the Chief Electoral Officer of Telangana State, elucidated the procedures for eligible voters desiring to cast their ballots from the comfort of their homes.

Stressing the importance of timely action, Raj urged potential home voters to submit their applications by April 22. This announcement came during a press conference convened at BRKR Bhavan.

Scheduled for May 13, the Lok Sabha elections in Telangana are poised to engage a substantial electorate, comprising 3.30 crore voters. Notably, this figure encompasses over 1.94 lakh senior citizens aged above 85 years and approximately 5.26 lakh physically handicapped (Divyanja) individuals.

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Since the State Assembly elections held in November of the previous year, the electoral landscape has witnessed notable changes. With the enrollment of nearly 12.50 lakh new voters, juxtaposed against the deletion of 8.58 lakh names, the net addition stands at four lakh voters. Raj underscored the significant utilization of postal and home voting observed during the previous Assembly elections.

In preparation for the upcoming polls, Raj disclosed that EVM ballot papers would be printed in close proximity to Chanchalguda. He directed the relevant officials to streamline the distribution of Form-D and ensure the availability of postal ballot printing services through the Returning Officer (RO).

Security measures for the elections were also highlighted, with Raj indicating the deployment of over 60,000 police personnel alongside 145 companies of Central Armed Police Forces. This robust security arrangement aims to facilitate the smooth conduct of the Lok Sabha polls in Telangana.

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