Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Domino’s announcement to Olympic winner Mirabai Chanu’s pizza wish will surprise you

Ending India’s 21 years old thirst for a medal in the Olympics weight lifting category, weightlifter Mirabai Chanu brought victory home by clenching onto a silver medal in the 49 kg section. This allowed India to enter the international sports competition with a proud and hopeful mind for the next competitions to follow and open the nation’s tally board.  

Following the win on Saturday, Ms Chanu was interviewed by several media houses. As athletes have to undergo vigorous training and let go all their favourite foods to prepare for Olympics, she was asked about the things she is looking forward to eat now that she has finally won in the quadrennial competition. 

Responding to a similar question, Ms. Chanu told NDTV that she is ready to treat herself with some pizza as she hasn’t been able to eat it since quite some time.  

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“First, I am going to have a pizza. It has been a long time since I have not eaten one. And I have waited for this day for a long time, so first I’ll have a pizza,” Mirabai Chanu told NDTV.  

Little did she know that the popular pizza joint, Domino’s, was all ears to her wish as the pizza restaurants chain announced that it wants to treat Ms Chanu with her favourite food and not just once.  

As a token of gratitude for bringing home the first medal for the nation in the category Indians kept waiting for since years, Domino’s replied to NDTV’s tweet offering “free pizzas for life” to the Olympic weightlifter.  

“Mirabai Chanu, Congratulations on bringing the medal home! You brought the dreams of a billion+ Indians to life and we couldn’t be happier to treat you to FREE Domino’s pizza for life. Congratulations again!” Domino’s wrote, triggering a series of happy reactions from Twitter users who welcomed the decision and joked light-heartedly.  

The comment section of the tweet was filled with users applauding the decision while one joked with a meme, implying that the free pizzas move was inspiring enough for him to start working out. Joining in was sports commentator Sunil Taneja who asked if any treat was available for commentators as well. “Anything for the commentators?” he joked.  

Thanks to the gesture, one user said he will be buying pizzas only from Domino’s from now on.