Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Geo-tagging of houses help T-Govt fetch additional Rs.110 crore revenue

Amid the fallout between the Centre and the Telangana Government led by Chief Minister K.Chandrashekher Rao, the  former complimented the latter for implementing the Geo-Tagging System of houses in the state. Even the Department of Urban Development Government of India (GoI) suggested the other states to replicate Telangana by implementing the unique system of Geo-Tagging the houses.

This comes during an online conference of the Department of Urban Development government of India with the senior officials of different states mainly from municipal administration.

During the conference, the senior CDMA official from Telangana Satya Narayana has apprised the officials of different states about the geo-tagging system being implemented through using ‘Bhuwan App’ to geo-tag the houses in cities and towns of the Telangana state. It is said that several officials, during the conference, have inquired about the method being put in play to implement the geo tagging system and evinced interest in introducing the same in their respective states.

While praising the Telangana government, the central government urged the officials of other states to replicate the same and advised to take appropriate assistance, if needed, from Telangana government to roll-out the system in their states.

It is pertinent to mention here that, the Department of Municipal Administration government of Telangana mooted an idea to introduce a geo-tagging system in the state last year and began geo-tagging of the houses throughout the state from the year 2020-21. The government roped-in the National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) to develop an application that can carry out geo-tagging of the houses in the state. The APP will help measure the width and length of the houses to fix the actual amount of tax to be paid by the owners.

It is said that the bill collectors in cities and villages will reach the houses and enter the data regarding houses numbers, its length and width besides photos of the dwellings. The whole data will be compared with the earlier one  available with the authorities and the tax amount will be fixed accordingly.

Apart from this, the app will help find out how much more slabs and rooms were built beyond the permissible limit. It will also tell you whether the house is constructed with required permissions or has been built illegally according to which the tax will be levied.

It is learnt that the data of nearly 17.50 lakh houses has been collected along with their pictures and nearly 88 percent of geo-tagging work has been completed. It is also said that the implementation of a geo-tagging system in the state helped the Department of Municipal Administration fetch additional revenue of Rs.110 crore last year.