Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Gurgaon man beaten to death for marrying Dalit woman

Certain areas in India still do not accept a so-called uppar caste individual’s wedding with a lower caste, or worse according to them, Dalit. Not conforming to their orthodox mindsets can be fatal in some cases.

A similar incident was reported in Gurgaon when a 28-year-old man was beaten with sticks until he died of his injuries. The obnoxious treatment was bestowed to him allegedly because he married a Dalit girl, according to the victim’s brother.

The brother also said that the victim was getting threats from some people of the village from entering the boundaries of the area since 5 months when he married the Dalit woman.

The couple were on their way to visit the wife’s parents on Sunday when Akash, the victim, was harassed and later thrashed with lathis. In connection with the same, 5 men have been arrested by the police with murder cases charged against them.

The incident occurred in the Badshahpur village of Gurgaon when Akash was travelling in an autorickshaw, back to his home. The auto suddenly struck with a pedestrian, Ajay, the prime accused.

According to a police officer, the encounter led to a fight between Akash and Ajay during which the accused called his friends to engage in the dispute. The men then hit Akash with all their might and escaped the site. He added that all 5 accused had been brought before the court on Thursday and are under police custody after the arrest.The cops further said that the accused were aware of the victim’s marriage to the Dalit woman.

In the First Information Report (FIR), Akash’s brother claimed that many men of the village had sending threats to his brother as he married the Dalit woman even after being from the “upper-caste” as they were deeply against it.

His brother said in the FIR, “Local boys upset with the inter-caste marriage had threatened my brother that they will not spare him if he enters the village.”The victim was a native of Rajasthan’s Alwar but resided in the neighbouring Bhondsi of Gurgaon with his wife after getting married.

Even though the Supreme Court has held highly of an intercaste marriage, locals of certain towns have continued to oppose the weddings, many leading to honour killings.

A similar incident had occurred in UP in 2018 when an upper-caste man married a Dalit woman. The man was shot dead in broad daylight by the woman’s uncle and a group of killers whom he had hired for the crime.

The murder took place merely 500 yards away from a police station. Officers said that the woman’s family were against the marriage, which is supposed to be the reason behind the killing. The accused were arrested by police following the crime.