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Hyderabad Police Upgrade Communication with 1000 New VHF Sets

On Friday, September 15, the Hyderabad Police issued 1000 new modern Very High Frequency (VHF) communication sets to police at the traffic complex in a significant move to improve communication capabilities. CV Anand, the City Police Commissioner, unveiled these manpack sets worth Rs 10 crore.

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This move is groundbreaking since it is the first time in India that a police commissioner has purchased such a huge number of communication sets in a single purchase. Dual microphones, improved receiver audio quality, scanning functionality, extended battery backup, lightweight design, announcement talk group facility, text messaging, integrated GPS, and certified hardware encryption are among the features of the advanced VHF sets.

Commissioner CV Anand stated that work on updating the new communication systems will be finished soon, which would considerably improve employee communication. According to Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) G Sudheer Babu, this technical development signifies a big step forward for the Hyderabad Police.



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