Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Hyderabad Received 28.0mm rainfall since Saturday, Tirumalgiri Tops The List

As a result of torrential rains since the last three days, The Hyderabad district received 28.0 mm actual rainfall as against the 3.9 mm normal showers during the last 24 hours with 618 percent deviation. Among all, Tirumalgiri mandal stood top on the list with 76.3mm rainfall during the same period.

Out of a total 16 mandals of the Hyderabad District where the Automated Weather Stations (AWSs) are located, Tirumalgiri, Secunderabad, Himayatnagar, Ameerpet, Maredpally, Amberpet  Saidabad and Charminar received over 30mm rainfall since Saturday morning. However, Saidabad mandal cumulatively received large excess rainfall of 32.3 mm during the last 24 hours.

As per the AWS statistics Tirumalgiri received 76.3mm, Secunderabad received 46.4mm, Himayatnagar 44.2mm, Ameerpet 36.2mm, Maredpally 35.1mm, Saidabad 32.3mm, Amberpet 32mm  and Charminar 30.2mm rainfall. The other eight mandals saw less amount of shows as Shaikpet received 19.1 mm, Musheerabad received 25.2mm, Nampally received 24.8mm, Khairatabad received 23.2mm, Asifnagar received 12.1mm, Golkonda received 3.0mm, Bahadurpura received 5.5mm and Bandlaguda received 3.0mm showers since Saturday.

It was found that out of 16 areas with AWS stations, two mandals such as Himayatnagar and Golkonda received normal rainfall while remaining 13 witnessed excess and one received large excess showers during the last 24 hours.

According to official statistics, only Himayathnagar and Golkonda mandals received normal rainfall while the other 14 areas of the district witnessed excess rainfall during the same period. Only Saidabad received large excess showers as 32.3 mm actual rainfall was recorded here as against 4.2 mm normal showers with 669 percent deviation during the last 24 hours.