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Leopard attacks bike rider in K’taka’s Vijayanagara

A bike rider was seriously injured after a leopard attacked him in Hadagali taluk of Karnataka’s Vijayanagara district on Monday. The incident took place when the youth, identified as Praveen, was traveling between the Magala-Hirehadagali villages.

After hearing the commotion and screams of Praveen, the farmers and passers-by rushed to his help and the leopard escaped from the spot. The injured youth was admitted to a hospital.

The incident has raised concern among the people as most of the villagers travel on bikes, scooters with their family members. A large number of people also walk to the factories from villages.

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The forest authorities have assured the people of the necessary action. The people of the region have demanded that the leopard, which was attacking cattle and livestock, is now targeting humans and the authorities should take action before tragedy occurs.

A leopard was also spotted in villages of Hospet taluk of the same district. A recent survey conducted by the authorities has shown that the leopard count in Ballary and Vijayanagara districts has increased.




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