Friday, November 27, 2020
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Messy state of affair remains a bane for people in Ghansi Bazar

Located stone throw away from Telangana High Court, the Ghansi Bazar division (Ward No.49) also not fared well especially in dealing with garbage collection, mosquito menace and sanitation issues as the area stood over the bank of Musi River.

Unlike other wards this division saw a close contest between BJP and MIM during the last election wherein the former defeated the latter with a margin of just 859 votes. While there were a total nine candidates trying their luck in the ballot field the close contest was seen between Renu Soni and Sameena Begum as the ward was reserved for the BC (Women) category.

While the BJP candidate Renu Soni secured a total 10,139 votes and emerged victorious the MIM candidate pulled 9,280 votes in a nip-and-tuck contest. Parveen Sultana and Bellam Madhavi Alias Madhuri secured 2,575 and 2406 votes only to secure third and fourth place respectively during the last election.

Similar to other wards in the old city area, the Ghansi Bazar division is also considered as a densely populated area with a total number of 52,207 voters. However, unlike other wards, this division too witnessed a turn out of only half a number of voters as out of 52,207 voters only 24,755 electors have franchised their right to vote.

When compared to other neighbouring divisions, this ward too did not appear fared well in terms of sanitation and mosquito menace.

“You could witness heaps of garbage every few meters when you visit the colonies in the division as several spots were turned into a dumping yard while the GHMC head office is located only a few meters away from the area. Despite several representations no GHMC officials turned up to address the issue which gradually became a perennial issue for us,” said Santosh Kumar, a resident of Ghansi Bazar.

Messy state of affairs remain a problem here as dump yards especially near Mahboob ki Mehendi, Petla Burj headquarters, Sunar Galli and to Ghansi Bazar stretch always wear a squalor appearance for the passerby,” informed Mohd. Yosuf another resident.