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‘No king is permanent’: Mahagathbandhan targets PM Modi for his ‘political speech’ on Independence Day

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech, Bihar’s Mahagathbandhan on Tuesday targeted the Prime Minister for doing ‘politics’ during Independence Day celebration saying that ‘No king is permanent’.

“He should not have done politics on Independence Day. No king is permanent. The Prime Minister’s saying that he will again win the election again reflects his arrogance. He has also given a wrong statement on Darbhanga AIIMS. He is not giving value to anyone is actually his mistake,” Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav said..

He said that the Prime Minister talks about corruption but then greets Ajit Pawar as well. JD-U President Lalan Singh also slammed the Prime Minister for talking about dynastic politics and corruption.

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“He talks about dynastic politics of opposition parties but he is not looking at his own party. Several BJP leaders also come from dynastic families. Why has he kept mum about them?” Lalan Singh asked.

He said that the Prime Minister always boasts about a non-corrupt government but why is he not looking at the corruption of Yeddyurappa.

“He was talking about Rs 70 thousand crore corruption of NCP and now he is silent after NCP leaders joined NDA and became part of Maharashtra government,” Singh said.







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