Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar keep holding the capacity despite heat wave

Although the heatwave continuingly grilling the earth since the last four months, the storage capacity of Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar Lakes not much affected. According to official statistics, the storage capacity at Osman Sagar Lake stood at 1783.40 feet @ 2.570 TMC as against 1786.30 feet @ 3.072 TMC water level recorded in the month of January earlier this year.

This could be translated into a 3 feet depletion being recorded in the last four months. However, what is more fascinating is that the present encouraging storage level which is comparatively 29.42 feet extra than the last year when Osman Sagar witnessed only 1753.98 @ 0.022 TMC level in the lake.

However, due to searing heat waves the exhaustion level has slightly increased with the beginning of the month of May. According to official statistics, during the last 24 hours a significant amount of depletion was recorded in the storage level hinting towards a snow bowl effect in the lake where the present level stood at 1783.40 feet recorded on 10th May today, the same level was standing at 1783.50 on 9th May.

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This shows that the snowbowl effect is ramping up with the beginning of the month of May as mercury level is rapidly increasing with every moving day in the city. However, officials are still content with the storage level of the lake which otherwise considered almost a dry lake due to recurrent dry spells.

“The water level in Osman Sagar is quite satisfying that helps amplify a drawing of over 8.75 MGD (39.78 MLD) of treated water for Asif Nagar filter. Last year’s rainfall has made a significant impact over the storage capacities of the water bodies especially the Himayath Sagar and Osman Sagar which were replete to a level of satisfaction last time prompting augmented supplies to various water treatment and supply stations in the city together with the support of Krishna river water,” informed a senior lake official.

Similarly, the storage capacity of Himayat Sagar Lake stood too at a satisfying point compared to last year.

According to official statistics, the present storage capacity of Himayat Sagar Lake stood at 1759.70 feet @ 2.245 TMC as against the 1764 feet permanent storage level recorded earlier this year in the month of January. This communicates a 4.3 feet depletion being recorded during the last four months. Also, a steep gap of storage has been recorded between the present and the last year’s storage capacity. As against the 1759.70 feet present capacity, the lake holds only 1732.35 @ 0.120 TMC feet last year. This has communicated a 27.35 feet increase in the water storage of Himayat Sagar lake this year. The lake officials here are attributing the satisfying storage capacity to last year’s bountiful rainfall that replete much of the lakes in the city and beyond.